Monday, August 20, 2012

Tools #11

First off I still don't care for blogging but found some things very interesting in Tools 11. Found some things that has changed my mind about the whole thing. I will use blogging to better my kids, and may even use it as a tool for myself to network and more. The many things you can do with this Tec, is a prime example of the world of education evolving. I'm very excited about skype, and how I'm going to teach my kids to interact with other people in the world LIVE! Crazy! I can't wait.

Tools #9

Now of days Tec is every where in everything, and kids are fully aware of this and most already know more then we do. So I say keep advancing them.

I like Manipula, because it seem very easy and direct. I believe kids will find it easy to go directly to what area of math they are seeking my information on and help of. Very simple site.

Tools #10

Kids should understand that the internet is extremely fast and what they broadcast is even faster. They should  know that their parents can access their life just as easy and what they post or share can hurt them in the long run. Even when they have grown up, they should know that their future employer could see these things as well.

Tools #8

I learn how to sync my itouch to my labtop, and set up an itune account. I'm going to manage, by setting rules to use them. 

Tool #7

Kids are to go on Skype interact with other kids to share there steps on solving one step equations. Well understand and have their modification already in place. Objective is to use Skype as a learning tool, more as a peep teacher, while completing the classroom assignment.
Love Skype because it allows kids to interact live with other students, athletes, etc.
Edmodo is great for the kids because it's like facebook but with a seat belt.